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Indus Water Treaty

Indus: The Troubled Waters

Despite numerous violent conflicts between India and Pakistan since the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) was ratified in 1960, the two neighbors have not yet engaged in any water wars. The treaty has, however, come under fresh scrutiny in recent days.
Gujarat Pogram

Modi: The Naked Truth of Gujarat

The spectre of the 2002 Gujarat Riots has loomed large over Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite consistent denials of state complicity, a new BBC documentary has raised questions that have haunted the country for two decades.
Ideology & Defeatism

India: On Defeatism and Ideology

In view of certain objectionable remarks that have emerged, it is vital to remember that ideology—not hypocrisy—should be the master. If the hypocrisy generated of lethargy and cowardice is not eradicated, it will feed defeatism, which is unwarranted and destructive.